Frequently Asked Questions

Are GingerBae products all organic? 
All GingerBae products are curated from all natural and all organic ingredients. 

Can we order customized products from GingerBae?
At this time, we do not offer customized orders. 

Where can we find coupon codes and discounts?
Sign up for GingerBae's email and text messages! There are several promotions and discounts offered all the time! 15% off is offered at the time of sign up. 

What's GingerBae's return policy? 
Due to our products being perishable, we do not offer discounts or exchanges but we prioritize customer service and will always do our best to correct any situation. 

What's GingerBae's shipping policy?
We ship via USPS Priority Mail and all products are packaged and shipped 3-5 days after your order is placed. Tracking numbers are emailed out the same day of shipment. All GingerBae products are made fresh. Our production days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

How can we order GingerBae products for small and large events or wholesale for a small business?
We are happy to cater to occasions of all sizes, as well as small businesses. Please reach out to us by phone or email for a 24-48 hour response. Our contact information is located at the bottom on each webpage on this website.